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       Tales fueled by caffeine, gasoline, live music, good food, and just a touch of chaos. Van life, travel tips, recipes, memories, mental health maintenance, and my perspective of the human experience.
Have a look around. It's okay to be curious.

I am candle & sun.
I feel me & I am nourished
Electric flesh chlorophyll to stamen
Milky crane settling on mirrored river
Lily first opened
Grandmother's yellow Minneapolis kitchen
Unashamed to love me
Unashamed to love me
Unashamed to love me
Toenails to split ends floating in the Mississippi in July
Full moon.
I am in every home
I am my own home
I come for revolution
I come for revolution
I come for revolution
Bite the apple & wink.
House in the trunk 
Wrapped in sleep, steeped in energy 
Step out in every Middle School choir
What more can my hands do?
I am the answer to my own question
My ancestors smile, holding the red hat I made their last earthly solstice
I hear my grandfather's song
I lift my own hand 
I lift my own hand
I lift my own hand.
All photos and words are my own, unless otherwise credited.
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