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Over the Mountain

Koh Samui, Thailand

The day I took this photo we were completely oblivious to the impact COVID-19 would have globally.

We had taken the jungle road, one afternoon in Thailand; For an hour we were flying around on little scooters/motorbikes on trails named 'roads' consisting of washed out 1-3 foot ruts, barely paved or not paved at all, slippery slidey sandy messy paths, only traveled by locals & off-road vehicles. Don't worry, Mom, we always always always wore our helmets. (Stay vigilant!)

At one point during this most memorable ride of my life, we looked up to realize we were on top of the world. The perilous passage had taken us to the highest points on the island, overlooking lush jungle, sparkling beaches, turquoise waters, & a few of the neighboring tropical islands. The view was breathtaking. By the time we made it to the rest of the gang, we were completely exhilarated-- high on the feeling of being truly alive.

A few months ago, my lifestyle shifted. I've been struggling for years (with varying degrees of success) to push myself to be exactly the person I truly want to be, and this change to life on the road is the next phase of that. When this pandemic started to shift our global priorities, I got nervous. I was/am afraid that I could lose people I love to an unseen enemy, but also that things would/will change to the point where I won't be able to be the person I am, or the person I want to be.

If I'm completely honest, this blog scares the bejesus out of me! Yet, I want to do things that I think will be good for me, good lessons in the short or long run. And I want to have a platform for others interested in travel, art, and human experiences. So here we are. Conquering fears, living to our edges, and (hopefully) connecting with each other. Thank you for being here.

When this is all over and it's safe to do the things we love with the people we cherish I hope we all remember to take one more moment of calm, look up and realize just how far we have all come.

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