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The Bergen line (video)

Clips from the Bergen line from Oslo to Bergen, Norway goes over (and through) the mountains to the western coastline.

When this train line was built just over 100 years ago, it was HALF of the country's entire budget for the year! The terrain & elevation gain are mind-boggling, so that makes complete sense to me (yet blows my mind!).

From the city center of Oslo, to the stormy countryside, countless lakes, streams, & waterfalls, to the clouds in the mountain, this was easily the most epic train ride I've ever experienced.

We ended up getting into Bergen a few hours late due to delays in Oslo, but luckily the sun didn't set until close to 1 in the morning, so we had the views the whole way. (Except in the tunnels, and thick mountain fog of course.)

Grateful for these opportunities!!

Music: Fasting

Musician: Gabriel

Music: Lifestream

Musician: Dream Machine

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