Tales fueled by caffeine, gasoline, live music, good food, and just a touch of chaos. Van life, travel tips, recipes, memories, mental health maintenance, and my perspective of the human experience.

Have a look around. It's okay to be curious!

       I'm still figuring out who I am, so maybe it's okay if this blog is still figuring out who it is, too.

She tore through all the pages, skipped over every line
Searching for the names in the chapters of her time.
She flew past life's lessons, and all her learned mistakes
To find her happy ending, and escape all the heartaches.
She quickened through each paper leaf, missing every spring,
Eluding every friendship, avoiding every sting.
Slowly the words grew fuzzy, and began to fade away
You can't just have the roses, you need the whole bouquet.
You cannot have the joyful without shedding a single tear
And you cant skip through the book of life
Without living all your fears.
All photos and words are my own, unless otherwise credited.
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