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I expect I've had the pleasure of talking your ear off in person, but just in case you missed anything here's a little about me.

I was born on the crest of the wave, and rocked in the cradle of the deep- Wait... no that's how the other thing goes. 

My name is Jordan. I am a proud Asian American with German, Irish, and other mixed European heritage. I'm a Navy brat born in Maryland but lived in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, Spain, and graduated from high school in Italy. I lived in California, I'm told, before my memory. I have two beautiful half siblings Sydney & Dylan- I love with my whole heart. I am lucky enough to have four amazing parents. I have a certificate in Landscape Architecture and an associate's degree, and have had a range of jobs from greenhouse employee, server, or apparel production, to bed and breakfast innkeeper, barista, or historic Annapolis shopkeeper.

I love our stunning planet, making things with my hands, live music, art, and food.

Right now I'm living in a van (down by the river) with my wonderful boyfriend while he travels around and plays disc golf. I'm learning to juggle.

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