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daughter of Eve

My mother says I have to sweep

she says "it goes that fast"

she says "the French say the presentation's half the taste'"

& "cook it until it's done."

She says none of the things in the song are really ironic.

In all the history of the Universe, there has not been a more badass creature to ever wear homemade slippers, & matching cotton pajama sets.

My mother is mussels in Marseilles.

Glasses on end of nose

Kitchen table covered in ideas

Lists for this & that

Lists of lists for this & that

The best ginger molasses cookies & wild rice soup that exists worldwide

My mother is finger woven grapevine wreaths.

My mother is strong enough to be one.

Her combat boots are real

She's loved to kitten tears

Stolen spoon sense of humor

Sharper than any French cheese

My mother is three hundred dollar Italian leather boots from Florence & a 79 cent Goodwill dress.

Forever tending to her roots, treating fruits with love, pests with kindness, flowers with patience

My mother is the best human gardener I know

She's better than a sunrise

Warmer than her one cup of coffee in the morning

Blurred motion activity

My mother is a field of poppies.

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