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DIY Milk Crate Seat

Storage & seating are seemingly extra valuable in a small space like the van & these crochet-topped movable storage crate seats are a perfect way to keep items handy, yet out of the way.

Last spring, I repurposed two milk crates into these storage seats!

I was originally going to top them with fabric, but after finding some ridiculously soft yarn in a lovely shade of yellow, James challenged me to crochet the tops instead. We both love the way it turned out!

These had previously stored books and embroidery supplies, but have evolved over the past few months and this one now holding pantry items & snacks. I imagine this won't be the last change to it's contents, either & I love it's versatility that way.

I used a scrap piece of half-inch plywood, and a few other pieces of scrap wood. For the plywood, I measured the bin and added about an inch and a half on each side for a lip.

I knew I didn't want a locked lid, but one that could lift off yet stayed in place. I was worried it would slide off without any support & someone would be left on their backside (probably me).

I also wanted to be able to grab the lid and the handles all at the same time, which is why I didn't add more of an edge/lip than an inch and a half.

Using an nail gun, I added two supports on the inside to keep the lid in place, without locking it down.

At this point I had a moveable seat! It just wasn't all that comfortable.

I cut a piece of cushion just a bit smaller than the top of the seat so that as it wore down it wouldn't spill over the edge. After cutting, I used it as a template for measurements for the "upholstery".

Using those measurements, I crocheted a large piece for the seat using the yarn James and I had selected at the craft store.

I took about 20 upholstery tacks and attached the crocheted top to the underside of the seat board. It stretched over the wood perfectly, and was a little tough to nail down but worked eventually. (Sometimes the yarn fights back.)

This was such a fun, simple, afternoon project! We use it every day, and it is definitely starting to wear down a little. (I do not think the yarn was meant to be used as a seat!)

When it wears out, I'll remove the tacks and top, replace the cushion, and find another top we like!

Making your own furniture, even on a small scale, makes your home that much more personal & unique. Repurposing items saves them from a landfill, & it is always rewarding to be environmentally conscious.

Have you ever made your own furniture?

Thank you for reading!

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13 квіт. 2021 р.

Brilliant and Beautiful! Two additional ideas, add some wheels, a long handle, and the JC logo to make an awesome disc cart. Or, make these for the top of 5 gallon buckets which are also great for storage and make for slightly taller seats :-)

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