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Have you ever shared a blanket with a god?

Have you ever shared a blanket with a god?

Nights with America's Next Top Model reruns

Spilled nail polish on the carpet

The bottle we bought at the 7 Mile Fashion next to the Savers with the broken sign

The one that shares a parking lot with that city housing building, that tax place, and the Chinese restaurant that people keep driving through the window of

The one by the pool I sweat youth in

The one where my mom saw a deer the morning of her wedding

The one across Hiawatha from the police station that got burned when they murdered George Floyd

The one next to the Target that got looted where I bought my nephews first swimsuit

The one where Uma let me have a dollar box of animal crackers in if I was really REALLY good

"Has she never been to the jungle?"

When we stood under a tree

One I wasn't introduced to small

As it rained on one side

Drops and sunshine

But not the other side

How could I not have broken open the constellation in your palm?

Playing with sunset & Dawn


You want your definition of wild, you don't want mine.

Mine ate yours.

Told her party was a cage

Mine told me it dreamt of FERAL

She drew her nightmares on the wall with the hair of people she regretted hurting

I think of Shel Silverstein

Mulberry street feet & tree houses with no tree

Red postbox with no address

Post hole silver maples

Fearless squirrels on fences that shouldn't sag

The day the hydrant opened up & our street was a sprinkler

What color did you spray your hair for the Kings Fair?

Cedar & Lake & Hiawatha

Puppets & porches

That elm that's on that corner

A cardinal you sing to in the neighbors tree

Maybe I whistled back a few times.

// Minneapolis is my childhood home. The violence & oppression happening there (and everywhere else in the US) by the police, and its military occupation are completely unacceptable.

No. More.

If you are able, please donate. Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis schools have an immediate need for donations & supplies, as well as the families of Dante Wright (21, Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis) and Adam Toledo (13, Chicago).

Thank you.

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