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Helen Ellenora

My grandma says boobs are where all the power comes from, "But those are not Pretenders," as she gestures toward my shirt. All our blood has been corralled at the park, chased through clover, a raspberry on every fingertip, dandelion yellow noses The smile of springtime. She says, "We don't do perfect." & reminds me "If you wear the right costume, the part plays itself." Shaded by her Lombardi poplars while she drags off her Carlton slim. My grandma has bowled a 300. More than once. She's the kind of artist who questions if they're an artist, will help you mail letters to fairies, & says "God is in the wind." My grandma says you don't really need to make your bed in the morning (Especially if no one is coming over.) & will occasionally eat an entire container of Cherry Garcia for dinner (on accident only). She says "the best disguise is no disguise." & "What do you mean when you say 'crazy'?" I wish that she sees the garden she's given us. How she'll marvel at her own regal posture as we watch her cross the room! How she'll endear herself to herself when she sees herself pour a cup of coffee! How touched she'll be to hear the truth in her giggle! How she'll beam to know the safety it is to be encompassed in her arms! (No matter what size you are in them.) How her soul will sing when she knows how it feels to dance with her in her kitchen to Classical NPR! When she sees herself When she sees herself WHEN SHE SEES HERSELF. My grandma says everything gets just a bit better after you take a moment, sit down, & drink a glass of water. & she's right... AND it's even better with her.

Happy 90th Birthday, Uma! You're loved beyond measure.

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