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I'll be honest...

I didn't take all the photos I thought I should.

And even though I didn't think about it until the next day, I have been guilting myself for nonsense like this for months.

I am still figuring out how I want this all to look, what way I can present this that doesn't seem messy and disorganized...

And yet, I've Got My Life Perfectly Together is not actually the name of this space.

I'm juggling full time traveling, living on the road, social media assisting, keeping in contact with family & friends around the world, a committed romantic relationship, being part of an incredible coven of women poets, all my little side projects, & I'm studying in an online herbalism apprenticeship.

This page has taken a back seat the last year on tour.

Going forward, I am determined to share more consistently.

I am focused on my routine, grounded in the present moment, & ready to work harder.

How this unfolds will be natural, organic, & genuine.

This has been extremely helpful in keeping myself from getting overwhelmed with anxiety.

That being said, though I haven't been as active on here in the last year- I have still been creating, observing, photographing, & adventuring!

My daily routine includes movement. Checking in with my body and my spirit every day. Embodiment practices. Self massage. Morning meditations. Green tea. Podcasts. Adaptogenic elixirs. Female friendships rooted in empowerment & love over competition. Mindfulness practices. Journaling. Reading before bed. Music. Poetry. Overnight herbal infusions.

I am turning the inward and outward chaos into energized works & peace.

None of this is perfect, and that's okay. Life is perfectly imperfect & that's what my work is about.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for belonging to this community of artists, lovers, strength, magic, & friendship.

Thank you for allowing me to be so open with you.

Thank you for being.


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It took me a bit to notice the moon in the photo. Keep doing what you do! Thank you.


Love the title of this!

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