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I'll See You In Freedom

Your eyes sting of sorrow

And your heart is full of woe

Your skin remembers misery

& these things just won't let go.

Your fingertips are hesitant

For the last they touched was agony

And there isn't a feeling quite like

Being this alone in humanity.

Your lips are aching

Willing them rid of the wretchedness

& having a hard time imagining

If they'll ever know true connected-ness.

You yearn to leave this place

But your bones are stuck in Suffering

You cannot move your feet

You're drowning in your coloring.

Your ears seem cursed

Slurs, disgrace, slams, & murder

Praying every night at home

That you're not the next martyr.

You won't be trapped here forever

I know that's what you fear

But I'll see you in Freedom

I promise you--

It's near.

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