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Off-Grid Solar Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

Ever craved backwoods homemade Mom-n-Pop biscuits & sausage gravy during a camping trip?

Have I told you how much I love cooking? The secret is out! Solar panels, a toaster oven, & a little creativity and there's almost nothing I can't make in our van home.

You can find the recipe for Uma's Baking Powder Biscuits here, in a different post. While the biscuits are in the oven, you can begin your sausage gravy.

Sausage Gravy

1 lb. pork sausage (Local organic is best, but you can use just about anything. If you opt for a sausage with more spice, then you'll need less of the red pepper flakes.)

~1/3 c. flour

~1/2 c. milk

1/3 stick butter

garlic powder

red pepper flakes (optional)

cracked black pepper

-Cook the sausage in the pan, when it is nearly cooked through, add the butter.

-When butter is melted in with the sausage and grease, sprinkle in the flour a little at a time.

(Normally, if I am in a 'real' kitchen, I pull the sausage out of the pan after I cook it, then begin the gravy with the grease + butter in an empty pan and go from there but I have found that this method works just fine, especially for a smaller kitchen.)

-Add the butter to the sausage grease on medium/low heat. Sprinkle in the flour & add the milk until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

-Add garlic, cracked pepper, & red pepper flakes, mix. (I never measure these but if I had to estimate, it's about a half tsp. garlic, 8-15 seconds of pepper grinding & a dash of red pepper flakes.)

-Simmer your sausage gravy, stirring on the heat so you have thoroughly cooked flour & sausage. If it becomes too thick for your tastes, add more milk, if it isn't thick enough, reduce heat and simmer to cook off moisture (or add a little flour). Serve hot over your freshly baked biscuits!

Cooking at our campsites combines two of my favorite activities.


I often melt my butter for the biscuit recipe in the van using the windshield as a solar oven. I used to melt it in the metal bowl on the toaster oven but that took too long & would wear down our batteries.

Add in excellent friends like Noah Meitsma (another pro disc golfer & fellow Minnesotan) & some of James' juggling toys for good measure, as we know the best food is even better shared with the people you love.


Photos never do these fellas justice. I grew up eating these & they never fail to bring me right back to my grandmother's kitchen.

*** I promise to keep posting recipes at the top of the page, as stated in my biscuit post.

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Look delicious! I love biscuits and gravy, will probably literally be the death of me, LOL.


Michael Smith
Michael Smith


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