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Bluebonnets: A Texas Spring

Twenty twenty-one's spring hit us like a wave in Texas.

When we arrived in Waco, the buds on the trees were just beginning to poke out, giving the woods a pale grey-green hue. By the time the week was over, the bright leaf green was the predominant color everywhere.

A friend of ours owns a property in Austin that we visit at least once every time we come to town. The land has been in her family for generations. Well-loved and appreciated for decades.

This spring, the field surrounding the river & freshwater spring filled with an oceanic wave of purple blue, as the Lupinus texensis (Texas bluebonnet) carpeted the entire space.

It made for the perfect backdrop to a morning cup of coffee. We were accompanied by the land's mascot, Buddy, who was also enjoying the bright Texas sunshine.

Lupine grows everywhere. I've seen its purple blues paint mountainsides in Iceland, a yellow variety line the coast in California, and a pink intermixed throughout. Another lesson from plants- we are all connected, always, & everywhere.

Thank you for reading!

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