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Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Painted Rocks National Park in summer heat.

Late summer 2020 we spent a few free days in Michigan's upper peninsula.

Though we were on the shores of Lake Superior, between the summer heat & the bright clear water, it felt more like being in the Mediterranean.

We woke up with no plans except to spend the day hiking & enjoying the outdoors. A park ranger struck up a conversation while we were still drinking our coffee & recommended the trail we took. Wow, did she knock the recommendation out of the park! (Pun very much intended.)

In just one hike, we were on a sandy beach, at the edge of a cliff, & in a mushroom filled forest.

Our friend Nate Perkins (& integral part of our tour family) felt the trees were just a little too tempting to resist.

I think one of my favorite memories from my childhood is climbing the trees in the park with my cousins (more like sisters) Lydia & Emily. (If you goons are reading this- let's do that again next time I'm in town.)

If Nate was an action figure, his box would come with a fishing pole, street tacos, & his Night Strike disc. James' box would come with a catch disc, juggling balls, & an IPA.

I feel like mine would probably be too much yarn, a chai latte, & a yoga mat.

I'm still not sure how this was taken in Michigan at a lake and not in the south of France.

The red and orange from the iron in the soil contrasting against the bright turquoise blue green of the water was simply stunning.

I definitely did not take enough photos of the mushrooms, but I promise to be better about that on our hikes this year. Thank you for reading!

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1 Comment

Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Feb 06, 2021

Never been to Michigan! Cool pics of the coastline!

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